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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 17, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning, no end to the anger. >> new anti-american protests this morning popping up across the muslim world as we learn that a deadly taliban raid on a u.s. base caused extensive damage. but were americans the target or was it a certain base pilot prince harry? downtown terror. new details about a teen's plot to plant a car bomb outside a busy chicago bar. palace anger. a rare move by britain's royal family. going to court today over those topless pics of duchess kate. and playmates? fresh anger over these images. a toddler tries playing with a gorilla. good monday morning.
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i'm sunny hostin in for rob nelson. >> good to have you, sunny. >> and i'm paula faris. new anti-american protests have erupted on the streets of afghanistan's capital this morning. police say hundreds of people are throwing rocks and setting cars on fire. >> it's just the latest in a wave of demonstration against the anti-muslim film that mocks the prophet muhammad. here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: americans are being evacuated from u.s. missions overseases as the anti-muslim fury continues in the muslim world. this morning, demonstrators took to the streets of kabul, afghanistan, still protesting over an anti-muslim film produced in the u.s. police fired rockets and cannons on protesters who broke through a barricade on the u.s. consulate. >> but the president has been very clear, the protection of americans in facilities is and will remain our top priority. >> reporter: in afghanistan,
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u.s. service members are on edge as four american troops were killed by afghan soldiers they believe were their allies. the incidents comes after the taliban launched a brazen attack on a coalition base many thought was the safest in the country. 15 taliban fighters wearing american uniforms blew a hole through the outer wall of the base, they stormed inside with automatic rifles, grenade launchers and suicide vests. the damage was enormous. >> this was a very deliberate, well-planned, well-executed attack by the taliban that created chaos and mayhem on a base that should have been more secure and this to not have happened. >> reporter: the taliban says it was targeting prince harry, a pilot stationed at the joint base. according to reports, the prince was whisked away to safety moments after the attack. the u.s. says last week's attack on the consulate in libya was not planned. but libya's interim president is now contradicting that, suggesting the attack could have been the work of al qaeda. paula and sunny. >> thank you, tahman.
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british military officials say they have no plans to cut short prince harry's four-month deployment at camp bashton. in fact, he is set to fly a mission this week. but abc's foreign senior correspondent martha raddatz said the prince's superiors do not think they could get far on to the secure base. >> i don't think the attack on the airfield themselves, this has got to make them rethink this and prince harry too. i doubt he would want to be in a more dangerous condition because of his presence. >> now, over the weekend, former british prime minister john major said it would be a major victory for the taliban if prince harry were to be moved now. a suburban chicago teenager determined to set off a bomb in a downtown chicago bar will be in court today. the would-be terrorist is facing charges of attempting to use weapons of mass destruction.
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abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has detailed on how his plot was foiled. >> reporter: the target, the heart of downtown chicago. the mission, to blow up a bar full of customers at one of the busiest times during happy hour. the fbi says adel daoud has been planning to kill as many people as possible before he parked his jeep cherokee. that he thought was full of explosives just after 7:00 p.m. friday. they said he got out of the car, walked a block away from the bar, and began squeezing a trigger that he thought would detonate a car bomb. but the bomb was fake. it was a sting. and the fein put him in handcuffs. daoud lived only a short distance away in this suburban neighborhood. his neighbors were stunned at the allegation. >> it's very scary. and it hurts my heart because i never would have thought, never, what i had have thought this was the way his mind was going. >> reporter: fbi investigators
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any daoud came to their attention last october after he allegedly began posting messages on internet. a few months later fbi agents posing as radicals contacted him online. in the summer, after daoud was put in contact with another undercover agent, posing as a terrorist based in new york, he allegedly began planning an attack and looking at potential targets, including malls and military recruiting centers. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. and teachers in chicago are refusing to go back to class this morning as their strike enters day six. so now a lawsuit is looming as well. mayor rahm emanuel plans to file an injunction this more. looking to force an end to the strike. representatives for the teachers say they need more time to review the contract. hinging on evaluations and job security. they say school will not reopen until wednesday at the very earliest. to presidential politics now with just over seven weeks until the election. president obama travels to the
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swing state of ohio with stops in cincinnati and columbus. while there, president obama will announce a new trade enforcement case against china over cars and car parts. mitt romney speaks to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce in los angeles. and we are learning new details about the chaos that unfolded behind the scenes ahead of romney's acceptance speech. just eight days before the convention, the speech that had been written was dropped. that set off a wild scramble to craft a new entirely different speech so that romney would have time to rehearse. the final version was widely criticized within the party for leaving out any mention of al qaeda or afghanistan. it is time now for the weather from across the nation. a wet day for much of the south. heavy rain from atlanta to tallahassee. nashville, new orleans and houston. showers around green bay. chicago and st. louis. a cold blast from fargo to the twin cities. showers in the colorado rockies. >> 80s from albuquerque and
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to miami. mostly 70s in the northeast and midwest. chilly in the 50s from minneapolis to fargo. and when we come back this monday morning, a new twist to a very famous murder case. and then occupy wall street marks one year, with protesters promising to deliver an anniversary message to the 1% today. and later, a political debut saved for last. a new president obama inaugurated on "snl."
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welcome back, everyone. protests are planned in new york and across the country today as occupy wall street marks its anniversary. a year after the demonstrations first took hold, occupy activists say they will march at the new york stock exchange, and in more than 30 cities, renewing their rallying cry against the 1%. and drivers just can't catch a break at the pump. the price of gas jumped another 5 cents in the past week to an average of $3.87 a gallon. that's up 16 cents in a month. tensions in the middle east and refinery shut joins during hurricane isaac have kept prices climbing. but the prices are expected to come down soon with the less-expensive winter blend of gas now being sold. and concerns are growing about corporate profits as the third quarter winds down. the giants fedex and intel, already signaling weaker earnings, wall street analysts
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now expect earnings to drop about 2.2% in the third quarter. the first such drop in three years. but there is a bright side when it comes to your 401(k). since the first time since the economic meltdown four years ago, there's a big jump in employers making matching contributions. the finding from charles schwab shows 73% of employers now making the match back to precrisis levels after dipping to a low of 67% in 2009. and the familiar franchise was the big winner at the weekend box office. "resident evil: retribution," the fifth in the series, took the top spot with $21.1 million. the 3-d re-release of "finding nemo" was next with $17.5 million. "the possession" was third with $5.8 million. and the cult drama "the master" with philip seymour hoffman and joaquin phoenix set a record,
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$775,000 on five screens. >> something possessed you to see "the possession." >> i did, and i enjoyed it. >> you're a brave woman. when we come back, that royal ruckus. topless photos of kate showing up somewhere else today. and later, one of those nfl replacement refs kicked out of a game for being a cheerleader. a delicious gevalia kaffe, or as i like to say, a cup of johan. will johan power walk the mall with you? i don't think so. but he will spend time rubbing your feet, discussing your feelings. ♪ joe may have your back, but johan has your feet. gevalia. meet me in the coffee aisle. joe may have your back, but johan has your feet. mid grade dark roast forest fresh full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs bag of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback signup for 5% cashback at gas stations through september.
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just to get a car insurance quote. now express lane finds your driving info with just one click, saving time to be nostalgic about the days before express lane. thank you, insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. well, the new iphone 5 is not hitting stores until friday, but an eager bunch is already lined up. tech-happy iphone lovers are camping out at the apple store on fifth avenue, right here in new york, making sure they're among the first to get their hands on these coveted phones, just four more days to go. >> come on, they'll still be there in a couple months. really. now, for a look at morning road conditions. pouring rain drenching highways from the south from florida to tennessee. florida and the coast wet at
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times around minneapolis, green bay, chicago. >> if you're flying, weather-related delays are possible in new orleans, atlanta and memphis. back to the news this monday morning, prince william and kate continue their visit to the south pacific. while a legal battle is unfolding back home. >> yes, the royal family is filing a criminal complaint today against the photographer who took pictures of kate sunbathing topless. prince william is said to be especially upset. his dislike of the paparazzi has been evident since his mother princess diana was killed 15 years ago with cameras in pursuit. >> he's made no secret of the fact that it is his number one concern to protect kate, to make sure she doesn't suffer a similar fate. and so he really is going to do everything he can. >> an italian magazine owned by the same company has promised to publish 26 pages of the topless photos. that magazine was also heavily criticized after it printed a photo of princess diana as she lay dying in the wrecked car.
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a former green beret doctor at the center of the so-called "fatal vision" case is getting a new chance to prove his innocence. jeffrey macdonald is heading back to court today, more than four decades after he was initially accused of brutally killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters. more now from abc's david kerley. >> reporter: it was a gruesome crime that gripped the country. >> one of the nations those of controversial cases. >> reporter: a pregnant mother, her two daughters stabbed repeatedly at ft. bragg. >> i did not murder my wife, i did not murder my children. >> reporter: but green beret and medical doctor jeffrey macdonald was convicted of killing his family which led to a best-selling book "fatal vision" even a tv minute any series. >> captain jeffrey macdonald here on the base. >> reporter: the killings came just months after the manson murders in california. macdonald claimed this case was similar, hippies, three men and a woman, coming into his house.
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murdering his family. all these years later, oscar-wins documentaran is writing a book. >> i myself see no evidence linking him to the crime. >> reporter: macdonald is asking that witness statements and hairs found in the house that don't match the family be admitted as dna evidence. >> at the time, there were so many inconsistencies, it's the newly discovered dna evidence that casts another light. >> reporter: but will it change his conviction of 33 years ago? >> i'm sitting in prison. i'm wrongfully convicted. >> these hearings in front of a federal judge could take a couple of weeks. and it will be up to that judge to decide, whether after all this time, macdonald gets a new trial. david kerley, abc news, washington. the outlook for this year's hockey season is not good. on day two of the player
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lockout, the two sides are miles apart. and no talks are scheduled. there's word this morning that some nhl players are already signing with other leagues. and lots of sunday surprises across the nfl. we get the highlights now from espn news. doug kezirian here with your "sportscenter" update. once again, a wild sunday in the nfl yesterday. we start at meadowlands. new york trailed most of the game, including the fourth quarter. down by 11 to start. eight-point game when eli manning hit victor cruz. manning over 500 yards passing. a little salsa dance for you. a two-point conversion will tie it up at 27-27. but the answer. josh freeman deep in the end zone and mike williams goes up and over the defender to haul it in. so we are tied once again. but take another look at williams' great grab.
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so inside the final half minute, new york within chip shot field goal range to the giants who score. tampa bay gets the ball back. but the giants rally for the win. tom coughlin upset with tampa bay, with the eli manning on the victory formation. now about the eagles. michael vick and philly hosting the ravens. third quarter, philly down 10. michael vick buying time hitting jeremy maclin. but he stays inbounds for the touchdown. eagles down. vick rolling again. this time, under pressure. seemingly throws the ball away. but the refs, replacement refs, by the way, rule it a fumble and the ravens recover. but the players review and they overturn it. and ruled an incomplete pass.
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inside the two-minute warning, vick calls his own number. takes it in. last week, he got a pick and they won by one. two picks and a lost fumble. and philly wins again. so the eagles despite the turnovers are off to a 2-0 start. i'm doug kezirian, have a great start to your work week. >> thanks, doug. one new note to the world of sports. shortly before the north carolina game, the nfl yanked a replacement ref brian stropolo after league officials learned that he is an unabashed saints fan. he had posted several pictures wearing saints gear and that page has been taken down. so you're saying he wouldn't be objective in that game? up next, "the pulse," the fresh face to the political season as "snl" brings in a new president obama impersonator. that is. and then why would a father put his little girl in the path of this giant gorilla? s giant gorilla?
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okay. it's "pulse" stories you're talking about today. and a man with a message who used his daughter to make the point. >> yes. take a look at this little girl, just 18 months old in the grasp of a huge gorilla. she was put there by her father. an animal activists who fights to return captive gorillas to the wild. >> well, it turns out that little girl, she's all grown up now. the video was shot 22 years ago. her father, damian aspinall just decided to release where it would spark a controversy. dad and daughter, beautiful daughter, that is, will be on "good morning america" a little bit later. >> that will be an interesting interview. "saturday night live" made its season debut over the weekend with a new face playing president obama.
4:24 am
fred armisen had been impersonating president obama but he handed it over. to jason pharaoh. >> i'm not worried. should be. [ laughter ] seems like i would be. but i'm not. and i'll tell you what, our campaign has a secret weapon, and that secret weapon is speaking right now in tulsa, oklahoma. let's take a look. >> hello, i'm mitt romney. [ laughter ] and i understand the hardships facing ordinary americans. for example, this summer, one of my horses failed to medal at the olympics. so i know hardship. [ laughter ] >> oh, we liked it but apparently not everybody did. >> i thought he was good. >> he was, too. >> for some of you, your local news is next.
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>> we'll be right back, everybody.
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next, bart riders will be in for a surprise at one station. scare brought crews racing to the scene. >> rallies planned across the country as the occupy movement turns 1-year-old today. >> mike has your forecast. more cloud cover and cool breezes. >> think traffic tie-ups before you hit the road? rockies and heavy rain from memphis to st. louis. heavy showers from east tennessee as well as the carolinas. finally, a jump for the generations, an 87-year-old boy, birthday boy, gets his special wish. >> the washington state man may be pushing 90, but he still has
4:28 am
a lot of heart. and it apparently runs in the family. our seattle station's kelly coopman has the story. >> reporter: what does the word "family" mean? is it just six letters spelled out on frames or faces, or is it something else? >> i think it's one of trust, really. >> reporter: so when monty montgomery asked his family to take a leap of faith, they took the plunge. >> for four generations to jump, i'd never heard of something like this before. >> reporter: one plane, four generations trusting a parachute, including 87-year-old monty had who the world at his feet until the sky had ahold of him. monty says he felt the fall, heard the wind, smelled and tasted the air, but most of all, he says, he saw the horizon. and that's important, because when you ask if he'd do it again -- >> really can't answer that because i don't think it would be anyone jumping blind. >> reporter: yes, monty is going blind. he has macular degeneration.
4:29 am
eight years ago, a doctor said he'd be blind by now. >> and i've been making a liar out of him for three years. >> reporter: monty's left eye is dead. he uses what's left of his right toy take in the earth's curves and contour, along with faces of family, a family that just seven years ago, he didn't have. >> one day, i don't have a family, next day i got beaucoup. >> reporter: after a divorce, 40 years passed before the former sailor first laid eyes on his daughter donna. >> i broke down and cried like a baby. >> reporter: like any plunge, donna and monty say falling into a new family took trust. trust they could love each other, trust they could take a united leap of faith. >> i have a family. a wonderful family. and i hope i'll be around for many more years. >> we do, too. >> kelly coopman, komo4 news. that's what's making news. >> stay with us for "good


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